IS-ELEC-1B-November 26

Hi! Last Thursday,  Module 10 was discussed and it was about ‘Managing Globally Distribute Teams.’ Nowadays, everything is in high-tech, so everything was made easier for us. I can’t wait to know and  experience what would it be like in the next 5 years, I hope it will also affect out country in a good way.


P.S. Ma’am, I was not able to take the quiz scheduled earlier this morning, because our internet connection was responding so slow that I couldn’t open the eleap.


IS-ELEC-1B – September 3

Hi! Last September 3, I learned the positive and negative effects of outsourcing through Caguimbal’s group presentation. One of its positive effect is the timezone that can increase company’s time availability in services which I can relate with the activity we did last meeting.

There’s one negative effect that caught my attention, which is the “There will be lesser jobs in the home country.” I hope this problem will be solved so there’s no need for us to go of out-of-town and distance ourselves from our loved ones.

There’s also a new term which I just learned from them, “gamification,” I hope that this would really transform companies’ business operations.

About the quiz, I got 50 out of 60 points, I hope it would always be the type of quiz that Ma’am Valmadrid will give us. ❤

Prismatic Experience!

Earlier today, I watched the play “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady” which was held at PETA Theater Center. I was really amazed on how they managed to make that great production. The lightings, backgrounds, props, and the music was all well-organized and I can say that it was really worth paying to watch it.
The story is about a Philippines-based superheroes known as Pwersa Pilipinas. They are named as Madre de Dios(their mother), Windang Woman, Bazooka Man, Nena(healer), and Pusakal and the oh so handsome Leading Man.

It is also about a two siblings who has a different personality. Mely, the hard-working woman, and Viva her sister, the lazy one. Mely worked at the office or basement of Pwersa Pilipinas as a maid, and it was funny how the Pwersa Pilipinas was so happy when they knew that they will have a maid. Viva, who really wanted to help her family and who wanted to have her own worth in the family because she was always being reprimanded as immature, joined the fake government agency who wanted to take down the Pwersa Pilipinas and it convinced her to believe that Pwersa Pilipinas, where her sister is working is dangerous and forced her to get it’s top secret.
“Kung Paano ako Naging Leading Lady”? I think there is a two different answer for this question or title. The first one is when Viva went into the basement, and saw that Mely was happy with Leading Man who was handsome. There was a history of Mely flirted with Viva’s boyfriend so there were flashbacks inside Viva’s head and fight with Mely, but Mely didn’t want to talk about it since it was already in the past. And so their fight got worsen until Viva used her superpower which she got from drinking the chemical Q and tried to kill her sister and Leading Man. Unabale to control her emotions, Viva successfully hacked the top secret of Pwersa Pilipinas and killed Leading man. Leading Man left his last words and his ring, which gave him his superpowers, to Mely. So then, Mely became the Leading Lady. And the other answer is on the first part, Viva was being teased by her mother and sister to turn into a superhero instead of being lazy, but after Viva got into her own senses that helping the fake government which she believed without knowing the circumstances of it was the worst move she has ever done, she saved her sister and looked liked a superhero on that scene. And in the ending, Leading Man gave his ring to Viva since Mely doesn’t want it and since Viva is still jobless.

Overall, the story and lyrics is a Filipino-life basis which has lots of lessons which I really enjoyed. Thanks to Sir Ron Binas, who encouraged me to watch this prismatic play. I would also like to encourage everyone to watch this play showing at PETA Theater until June 7. 🙂

P.S. I forgot the name of what they called the “fake government”